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news - Classical Foods To Help Boost Your Health on HWN INSIGHTS back to all News
Classical Foods To Help Boost Your Health on HWN INSIGHTS
When you are feeling under the weather, it’s common practice to head to a local drug store or reach into the medicine cabinet – but what if the remedy is actually hiding in your pantry? Trisha Williams, a trained chef and owner of New York City-based custom meal delivery service "Food Matters NYC” has ingredients she turns to when her clients are feeling ill.
If you can find a healing property in a cherry soda or a breakfast pudding or a snack, I think it’s much more important to incorporate these elements into your diet rather than expensive supplements, Williams revealed.
For example, when a client is working a busy schedule and having trouble relaxing, Williams whips up kudzu root pudding, which can help promote sleep and reduce anxiety.
It’s been used in ancient Chinese medicine dating back to thousands of years, Williams said. It just has a really calming effect on the body.
She said it can also be used to help calm symptoms of acid reflux or menopause. Williams also shared the healing properties of oregano oil, which can help boost your immune system with just a few drops. Likening it to a “healthy tequila,” Williams mixes the oil with a shot of fresh ginger juice, lemon juice and cayenne pepper before giving it to a client.
To keep clients’ gut in check, Williams prepares fermented vegetables like cauliflower, carrots and string beans. She includes a tablespoon of sea salt to every cup of water and lets it sit for about four days before serving.
For those experiencing symptoms of constipation, Williams turns to chia seeds for their fibrous properties. She also recommends adding cherry extract to your grocery list for its anti-inflammatory properties.
It contains a high amount of quercetin, Williams said. We’ve seen it as a very powerful cure for people who suffer with gout.
Williams said all of these ingredients can be found in your local health store.
Source: FoxNews, HWN Africa.


: 2017-01-27 16:47:01 | : 699

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