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news - Health Ministry To Be Shut Down By NLC on HWN HIGHLIGHT back to all News
Health Ministry To Be Shut Down By NLC on HWN HIGHLIGHT
The Nigerian Labour Congress [NLC] has made known its intention to invade the premises of Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Secretariat in Abuja.
The invasion is in respect of its request for the removal of Dr. Angela Uwakwem, the Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre [FMC], Owerri.
This was disclosed in a letter signed by the presidents of NLC and TUC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba and Comrade Boboi B. Kaigama respectively.
The letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of State, Ministry of Health and copied to Minister of Heath, Director General DSS, Inspector General of Police, Chairman Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption and JOHESU Affiliate Unions, reads:
We are constrained to convey to you Honorable Minister Sir, our sadness over the inaction of your office in respect of our request for the removal of Dr. Angela Uwakwem, the indicted Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri.
As you very well know, Dr. Angela Uwakwem was sent on suspension on July 29, 2015, following allegations of acts of serious corruption, to enable unfiltered investigation.
The EFCC at the end of its investigation established a prima facie case of corruption against the Medical Director and arraigned her before the State High Court in Owerri on October 11, 2016.
The case was however shifted to November 15, 2016 following the absence of the presiding judge during the October court date.
We were completely taken by surprise that against all extant laws of the civil service, as the supervising minister in charge of Federal Medical Centers across the Country, you order Dr. Uwakwem’s reinstatement using the police.
This action of yours we strongly believe negates the spirit of the well-known anti-corruption disposition of the government you are serving.
Honorable Minister Sir, your action in reinstating Dr Uwakwem is in flagrant violation of the Public Service Rule 030406, which states inter alia:
It shall apply where a prima facie case, the nature of which is serious, has been established against an officer and it is considered necessary
in public interest that he/she should forthwith be prohibited from carrying out his/her duties. Pending investigation into the misconduct, The Federal Civil Service Commission or the Permanent Secretary/ Head of Extra-Ministerial office (if within his/her delegated powers) shall forthwith suspend him/her from the exercise of the powers and functions of his/her office from the enjoyment of his/her emolument.
Honorable Minister Sir, you probably also know that the first thing Dr. Uwakwem did upon your giving her the all clear signal to resume work, was to issue queries to the whistle blowers who had caused her investigation and arraignment.
Again this is directly against the decision of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), of which you are a member, to reward whistle blowers and protect them.
In December, the Honorable Minister of Health, in charge of your ministry in correspondence with the Executive Secretary of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, stated that the permanent secretary of the ministry has been directed to invoke the relevant sections of the Federal Civil Service Rules with immediate effect, and that as one directly overseeing the Federal Medical Centre, you were handling the matter.
Our members who were the whistle blowers in the case in the meantime are being victimized and unprotected by the vindictive actions of the indicated Medical Director.
We have therefore decided that in order to assist you to make up your mind to do the right thing without further delay, we will be your guest from 26th January 2017, until the extant Public service Rule(s) is applied on the MD of the Federal Medical Centre Owerri.
Honorable Minister Sir, please accept this letter as a Notice to Occupy your office by Nigerian workers until you chose to do the right thing in this case.
Please accept the renewed assurances of our highest esteem.
Yours faithfully,
Comrade Ayuba Wabba, mni                  
President, NLC.                  
Comrade Boboi B. Kaigama
President, TUC.


: 2017-01-23 06:33:40 | : 751

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