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Freedom Foundation is a faith based non-profit, committed to addressing the ever-mounting and staggering challenges facing members of society living in absolute poverty. Our model includes Rehabilitation, Education, Empowerment, Research, and Awareness Promotion, and it actively partners with the government, other NGOs, civil society organizations and corporate institutions to ensure the delivery of human services at the greatest points of impact.
Freedom Foundation is currently recruiting to fill the following position:
Position: Matron
Location: Lagos State - Nigeria.
Job Description:
The matron ensures smooth function of the female rehabilitation centre effectively instilling a culture of love and discipline in managing the clients’ welfare.
She must also ensure efficient and effective use of resources (space, materials, food items, appliances etc.) minimizing conflict and fostering peaceful co-habitation.
She must also ensure that the home is sufficiently equipped and resourced to support the number of girls in residence.
Intake Processing:
Support the intake process by ensuring no overpopulation in the shelter and optimum utilization of resources (bed spaces and welcome kits).
Welcome new clients into the home, read the house rules to the new intake, and ensure the new intake understands the rules.
Receive and log new client’s personal belongings, and put into secure and orderly storage, items that would not be required in the house; clients must sign log forms indicating accuracy of items logged.
Provide each new client with their welcome kit and assign clients to a room, bed, and locker.
House Management:
Establish the house rules in collaboration with the Program Admin and maintain order in the house
Send weekly house management report to the Program Admin
Log all facility management issues appropriately and escalate any requests for repairs within four hours of discovery
Monitor all movement in the home - ensuring only authorized persons are in the home area; all unauthorized persons are to be escorted back to the office or reception
Conduct daily walkthroughs to ensure cleanliness, safety, and security of the environment.
Monitor usage of household items and food supplies, ensuring adequate supplies for the number of clients in residence.
Institute processes (schedules, time tables etc.) for home management to ensure all functions (cooking, cleaning, laundry, washing, etc.) can be conducted in an efficient and effective manner.
Program Support Activities:
Conduct daily group devotions (prayer and Bible study) which are compulsory for all residents
Ensure clients strictly observe timetable as set by the Case Worker and Program Admin
Send a daily shift report to the social worker on client behavior during the shift
Report all incidents of abuse/neglect/bullying or any negative behavior that impacts the welfare of other clients to the case manager immediately, and log in shift report.
Client Management:
Supervise client daily chores
Conduct daily room inspections to ensure cleanliness and ad hoc locker inspections (with a member of security and program staff) for contraband (phone, money, food items, electronics, etc.)
Distribute household chores among the clients fairly and equitably
Manage client phone and ensure appropriate and fair use of phone
Maintain phone log
Maintain safe custody of clients’ personal items (items brought to the home that clients are not allowed to keep)
Organize birthday and holiday celebrations for clients
Resolve disputes among clients and facilitate conflict management
Respond to health emergencies, performing basic first aid and taking clients to the hospital during out-of-office hours (during office hours this shall be the responsibility of the case manager).
Exit Processing:
Ensure adequate documentation and Program Manager/Director’s signature on exit clearance form before initiating exit processing.
Ensure client residential area is clear of all belongings i.e. locker is clear, and that assigned program items have been returned
Return client possessions, ensuring clients review contents and sign to acknowledge receipt of their items previously kept in storage.
Other Activities:
Support in monitoring client’s rehabilitation progress.
Maintain client confidentiality.
Make recommendations to Program staff (Admin, case manager, program director) on client welfare and/or house management.
Assist with completion of necessary reports as requested.
Any other tasks as assigned by the Program Manager.
Knowledge of Christian doctrine and values.
Minimum 10 years' experience in nursing, teaching and counseling,
Experience with delinquents, troubled children.
Counselling experience.
Exposure to victims of violence and/or abuse, drug addicts, etc.
Method of Application:
All potential job applicants should send their CVs and applications to:


Application Deadline: 14th October, 2015

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